E3 Episodes

In-Game Chat Ep24 07-16-07

Wow. What a week it’s been. Tons upon tons of news to cover. E3 has come and gone and left behind a lot of news in it’s wake, not to mention a lot of people scratching their heads as to Sony’s price cut/non-price cut, Nintendo’s Wii Board, and then there’s Microsoft who didn’t leave us with as much confusion so much as they just didn’t surprise us with anything. It’s been a full week of news and almost every game cast is covering the fallout of E3. We covered E3 from top to bottom and we spoke to Evil Avatar’s Nick Puleo (BAPenguin) who attended this year’s event and got his thoughts on both E3 as a whole and on the games he witnessed while there. We took your calls in to Nick, and gave away another free rental from our friends at Movie Gallery/Gamezone. It’s all that and more of all things “gaming”, here on In-Game Chat!!

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