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EAR Episode 74: Games – And The Women That Love Them

A week before Halo and all through the threads, people were scared of massive spoilers ahead.

I can’t rhyme for shit, however, I can tell you about all the cool things happening on tonight’s episode of Evil Avatar Radio. We’ve got everything you need to cure a dull Monday night. We’ll talk about the games we played this weekend, or maybe just the game for those of you with COD4 Betas. Plus, we’ll get a visit from Santa Bap as he calls in to tell us of some Halo 3 contests that will begin this week. Major details to be revealed indeed.

Also tonight, our main theme of the show will be focused on women in the gaming industry as well as women gamers. First up will be Evil Avatar’s own thaGirl (Anjanette) and joyebean (Joye), both of whom work for Amaze Entertainment and have plenty to talk about as far as how they got where they are now and what it took to get there.

As always, thanks for listening.

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