EAR Episode 76: Eternal F.E.A.R. of the Condemned Resident on the Silent Hill of the Fatal Phantasmagoria in Ravenholm

A week out from Halo 3’s release and we’re back with even more Halo talk along with our goodbye’s to the CoD4 Multiplayer Beta.

Welcome to Evil Avatar Radio: Version 76. It’s October and we talk of plenty of things. Here’s a rundown of what’s mentioned: Tetris Splash, my big ass TV, Halo 3 & Your Friend’s List (there’s always that one guy playing something else), the Wild Wild West monster (our progress in Halo 3), skull collecting, terminal activating, Halo 3: Double Dash, Death & The High Cost Of Playing On Legendary, Zombie Game Mode, Halo 3 and the “Not Quite Ready For HD Playing”, mikeohara calls in from the middle of nowhere (remember Mike, you can’t say THAT on the radio), Rock Band pricing, PS3’s new SKU (a rumor a day…), Burnout Paradise (I think I mention this once per show at least), October = Spooky (that, or I’m just a big sissy), fatefodder calls in to talk about Fatal Frame (Yes, I picked a game to talk about that I have never played), we realize we have to get a webcam for the show, and we also discuss EVERY game (and more) mentioned in the title of this episode.

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