The Sum Of Its Parts Episode

The live episode for Monday, October 20th is available for download.

Saint’s Row 2 and the lasting appeal of the World at War beta spoke for a large portion of our weekend gaming, but we did manage to come in just under the wire with a complete run-through of Dead Space.  Everyone could smell the influence of John Carpenter, System Shock 2, and Event Horizon (among many others) from a mile away, and we’re certain we can’t remember the last game we found so openly derivative. 

But, having borrowed so heavily (and often so heavy-handedly) from other properties, the developers managed the one feat that excuses their license: they made a fantastic game that is quite a bit more than the sum of its parts.  Sure, we’ve seen the story before, and while we were expecting to be fearful, we were barely ill at ease. At the end of things, though, the quality of the experience simply wasn’t in question, and Dead Space had proven itself a worthy competitor for even the most potent of holiday releases.

This week’s live show also sees the return of the newly-married man from his whirlwind tour of Orlando’s finest destinations and attractions.  Eight theme parks in nine days is more than reason enough for not having played a game in the last week and a half.  We’d all make the same sacrifice, to be sure.  And in our last minutes we take time to celebrate Scott’s thirtieth birthday on-air, and what better way to begin the examination of one’s own mortality than with butchered-barbie Dexter-themed cupcakes?  Red velvet, natch.

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Don’t hesitate to jump feet first into Mother 3. You don’t need to play the first two at all.

I’m not sure if I’ve seen the series described this way but think Dragon Quest gameplay meets Paper Mario storytelling.

At their heart they are old school RPGs but they have this wonderful quirky sensibility about them that just charms the pants off ya.

I have to disagree with the “lighting in Dead Space being the ever seen”. I hate to mention the cliche at this point, but Crysis on a simple 8800GT whoops the hell out of Dead Space in not only lighting but just about every other category.

That being said, I agree with all the other sentiments described, I’m loving the game, although I just picked up Fable 2, and Far Cry 2 on STEAM, as well as preordering Left4Dead on STEAM and Fallout 3 from the store….Oh this is better then last year, I have to say…probably the best year in games in quite some time, and I thought last year was the year. On top of that, still Playing Warhammer Online, Warhead, and STALKER CLEAR SKY…..

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