The Unexpected Episode

The Wednesday episode of In-Game Chat is available now.

It’s an hour of catch-up, plain and simple.  Monday’s episode was given over entirely to the launch of this year’s Child’s Play charity drive, which took precedence over every topic we’d have otherwise covered, and rightfully so.  But having dealt with that, it’s back to our usual jaw-wagging, and we’ve got an awful lot more in mind to cover than we can ever get to in the time allowed.

Gears of War 2 and Mirror’s Edge feature prominently in our lives this week, and the Left 4 Dead demo left a deep, life-threatening mark on everyone.  Of course, at the time of our recording, Wrath of the Lich King is mere hours away from launch, and therefore dominates my own personal landscape.  Now, at the time of this writing, the expedition to Northrend is underway, and I have serious business to attend to in Howling Fjord.  So if you’ll excuse me…

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