The Gesture of Kindness Episode

The penultimate episode for 2008 is available now.

If this week’s title had any relationship to the spirit of the holiday season, I can’t say we were aware of it.  This is our sole podcast offering for the week – Christmas-ey things having eaten up all of our available time – so we’ve let it run a bit long.  I’m not sure I can detail the topics discussed because they don’t make much sense to me in hindsight.  We’ve run clear through the fourth-quarter glut, and without a list of games to focus on our minds are invariably going to wander back and forth, as they’ve done here and before.  I can only really remember a passionate but inexpert discussion of Batman, and that when talking about Arkham Asylum, I clearly meant to compare it to a souffle and not a quiche.

Off-topic, but certainly pertinent, we say goodbye to two of our stalwart companions for these many months – Daniel, and Jeremy’s hair.  The hair had a price on its head of five thousand dollars.  That amount having been reached in the CoG Child’s Play charity drive, Jeremy followed through with his promise to chop everything off.  We have pics, so it definitely happened.  Less funny is that Daniel has been given marching orders by his boss The United States Air Force, so he’s leaving for Texas to learn how to do some other pointless thing at what I’m sure is a great expense.  He’ll be around in text format, and from time to time as our correspondent from the Lone Star state, but we’ve nevertheless got one more empty chair in the studio now.  This honestly makes things harder than you’d imagine.

Finally, stick around for the holiday-greetings community outro at the end of the program tonight. Thanks to everyone who listens and to all who contributed. We appreciate your support more than you can possibly know. Have a safe and happy holiday from everyone at IGC.

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