The Old News Episode

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Rest assured, despite this episode’s title, our conversation is very much about the here and now – except where it isn’t, in which case it’s just show and tell.  It’s hard not to find yourself rooted to the moment during the week of GDC, browser-refreshing your way through the day looking for headlines from the people who make the news, and forum commentary from the people who analyze it.

But it’s just as hard not to live a little bit in the future, as well – the future that’s far more than suggested by developers, but is often nearly insisted upon.  They tell us wonderful stories about both harsh and ideal circumstances, and we’re ready to believe nearly anything they want us to about how we’ll be experiencing the games of tomorrow.  There are simple untruths, like anywhere, but the delivery is so earnest and optimistic you’ll forgive us for being somewhat transported.

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