The Watch Out! Episode

New episode available for single- and multi-player here.

Recent cooperative opportunities have honestly exceeded our expectations.  Halo Wars may not be your genre bag, exactly (it isn’t really ours, either), but the quality of its multiplayer simply isn’t in question.  Wherever possible, this game should set the example for how to knit two players together in pursuit of a campaign or story line.  Having made that claim, we’d also like to acknowledge HAWX and RE5 for like efforts recently, and point out that we’ve got at least as much to say on their behalf later in the week.

The Watchmen have come and gone, now, and no matter what your relationship to either the film or the book, you’re likely to have an opinion on the translation.  A strong one.  We hadn’t planned to speak our minds on the subject, but that went right out the window one short moment after Scott asked if I wanted to talk about it and I said “no”.  The subject is isolated at the end of the program for anyone unwilling to expose themselves to spoilers.

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