The GoGoGo! Episode

In-Game Chat is rushing the flag at this link.

“Never mind maneuvers,” Lord Nelson said “just go right at ’em!”  I’ve been a fan of this doctrine for some time where objective flags, capture points, gold crates and things of that nature are concerned – though I’d like to think the admiral wouldn’t begrudge me the occasional bunny-hop or circle-strafe on the way to my goal.  It’s not a suitable behavior for everyone, but it’s the only one that’s brought me any success, and, as with so many other things, I’m (unforgivably) appalled more people aren’t doing it my way.

You’ll be listening to this no less than a week after the launch of the DSi, but as of the recording it had been only 48 hours.  This presented us with the opportunity of unboxing a freshly purchased handheld, with news and commentary and the usual shenanigans woven into and throughout the account.  We apologize for the undertone of sweet chimes and optimistic ditties emanating from the device, but we were too drunk on the new-toy smell to notice.

Finally, yes, it has been some time since we published a show.  It’s all Scott’s fault.

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