The No Balls Episode

I have no clue why we used that name for this show, but the answer is bound to be somewhere behind this link.

E3 is just a few short days away, and at the time of this recording, none of the early news items had been distributed through the usual channels, so we’re left with plenty of editorializing and very little solid information.  Fortunately, our twitter and email correspondents have given us everything we need to fuel a second hour of the program.  Apologies all around for the garbled responses or for any questions that weren’t directly answered.  You’ll find yourselves at the top of the pile next week, we swear.

Scott’s LA itinerary is complete, the news tickers are filled with fresh tape, and we’ve all sheltered our own personal hopes for expo announcements even though we refuse to mention them on the air for fear of being horribly wrong.  Once they hit the feeds, however, we’ll be glad to say we knew it all along.  And, sadly, the one drawback to having a passenger on the hype-train is that we won’t be recording our program next week.  Scott is sure to have plenty to say during the show and more when he returns, but his absence makes our usual get-together unlikely.

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