The Trapped In Time Episode

We’re all out of bubblegum at the following link.

The hosts, much like the subjects in any given Star Trek plot, often find themselves trapped deep in the past.  For the trekkers there is often a desperate struggle to return themselves to their natural timeline and the space-time continuum to its natural shape.  For us, however, the goal is more and more often to lament the past we’d like to live in.  Or, more accurately, to paean for the future that damn well should have been.  In both cases, at least, technology is entirely to blame.

Duke Nukem had long been a part of our past, and was forever going to be a part of our future, but the hope is almost certainly gone following the collapse of 3D Realms, and with it go the sad memes and tired punch-lines of a generation.  If pending litigation happens to work in gamers’ favor, DN may well reappear in the future like a slain soap opera villain.  In the mean time, we’ll exercise our ability to disagree on points regarding Duke which even the internet saw well enough to leave alone.

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