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The Thick Gristlebottom Episode

It looks like rocket number nine can just make out our newest episode behind this link.

Our usual soft intro gives way to a refreshingly cold open in this episode.  Feel free to cast an image of the Satellite of Love in your mind’s eye this week and enjoy the impromptu comic stylings of Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett – genius jokers and puppeteers, formerly of Mystery Science Theater 3000, now on the media trail for their new RiffTrax DVD release.  They were kind enough to submit to an interview by us, and in return for their kindness we act like junkie fanboys.  This may or may not have come across in the examination.  Regardless, we promise not to tell anyone if you choose to act the same.

As for game coverage…who gives a shit?  We talked to Tom Servo and Crooooow!  In actuality, there was quite a bit of jibber-jabber goin ’round this week.  The news was an understandably weak tea following the E3 expo, but there’s been plenty of speculation to follow, as well as thoughtful counterpoint from within the studio as well as without.  We’re short one certified, card-carrying cynic this week (sorry Jerm!) so our redactions have come from the eagle-ears of the listener base, instead.  Good on ya, listeners!

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