The Roflstomp Episode

This week’s episode can be found dangling from a gargoyle at the following link.

The Batman demo, as you’re sure to have heard by now, or discovered for yourselves, is quite the thing.  There’s bound to be some disagreement on the finer points, and there’s no telling what shape our opinions will take during the final moments of our final play-through, but right now we can’t imagine anything we’d rather do than pay good money to wade through a legion of our favorite psychopaths, sociopaths, and their attendant goons.

In the meantime, we’ll occupy ourselves by having special feelings toward whoever is responsible for the Borderlands box art, by gasping in awe at the beauty of the IL-2 Sturmovik flat-spin simulator, suffering the anguish of having spent real earth money on G.I. Joe, or by considering how much we already love our Worgen rogue in the as-yet-unconfirmed WoW expansion.

Yeah.  That last one’s all mine, I suppose.  Big surprise.

Also, some forewarning.  The Mark Hamill interview is forthcoming, and it’s not, like, short or anything.  Man knows how to bring the story-telling, and we figure it’s worth mentioning that it all adds up to more than 4 hours worth of shit for this week.

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