The Death Rattle Episode

Or is it more of a death…hairball?  Prepare to evacuate soul at the following link.

The Pox remains among us, by which I mean that Scott will be hacking and coughing his way through this episode like Clint Eastwood in Honkytonk Man, without there being a Marty Robbins to jump behind the mic if he throws a lung.  Of course it’s not really that bad, and I see that we’ve had two movie references in as many sentences for a paragraph that should be about video games, so moving right along…

We were sad to have missed the Dreamcast’s 10th anniversary on the show, but each of us celebrated – or mourned, as the case may be – according to our own traditions.  After a decade it’s clear that this machine was forward thinking to the point of being prescient.  Who knows what sort of praise we’ll be heaping on it in another 10?

We’re happy, as always, to be joined by the occasional Dennis, who promises to be much less occasional from here on in.  He seems to have learned a lot in his time away, and will be held accountable for how he uses this knowledge.  He also seems to like the Wii a whole lot less, which makes it difficult for us to corner him for opinions on Nintendo games.  I guess we know what Matt’s job will be when he gets back from the sand.

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