The Super Pope Episode

There’s still hope for an indulgence at the following link.

Last week’s gap in coverage had almost nothing to do with the holiday season, but was instead the fault of a certain greedy co-host who, in his lust for consumer electronics, agreed to put on a second hat so he could take home a second paycheck.  That paycheck must now be poured back into a large, television shaped hole in the unnamed co-host’s savings account, with any leftovers to be applied generously around the insides of his PC.  I have it on good authority that it’s been time and money well spent.

What little time there was to spare between the working and the revelry and what-not was directed precisely where you’d expect it to be.  Assassin’s Creed 2 is the real star of this week’s show, and one we spent the lion’s share of our time discussing.  The evolution of Desmond’s tale has, as if by holy edict, moved beyond the perceived weaknesses of its predecessor, and claimed its rightful title of Damned Good Game.  The gameplay is refined, the mystery is elevated, the blades are doubled.  Clearly, they’ve gone about as fer as they can go…yessir!

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