The Xteen Episode

There’s no chance of encountering porn at the following link.

Our crack podcast staff reveals (and revels in) its true age during a short analysis and retrospective of Captain Power in the early moments of this episode.  We first started talking about it in the after-show of two weeks back, but I don’t remember why.  It was a short-run program in the “V” and “Otherworld” band of the sci-fi spectrum, but it was evidently formative for us in the way that only a toy/television cross-marketing animal can be.

It hit most of the standard 80s geek g-spots, but excelled by teaching us lessons about interactivity before we had the words to describe what we were doing.  Toy spaceships that were guns and could blow each other up, and a television show that could blow up that toy?  Love it!  None of us would dispute how truly awful this cheese was, or how badly it has aged, but those things don’t matter to the children we used to be.  I’m sure when we cry jaded tears about the games and fiction of today,  the Captain and his bitchin’ toy spaceships are working against us.

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