The Bean Footage Episode

Our secret recipe is available at the following link.

Dragon Age has, for me, become the sort of gift that won’t stop giving, though I’d sure as hell like it to.  There’s a conversation somewhere in which that line is a back-handed compliment, but you won’t find it in this week’s show.  My thoughts and feelings are well documented, and haven’t changed overmuch since the end of the campaign, despite a broad failure of imagination during the game’s final hours.  But the Awakenings expansion pack demands my attention, the flow of DLC continues unabated, and I’m awfully tired of my own comings and goings now.  I can’t bear to walk away when I’m so close to the end (again), but I want nothing more than to plant this story in the ground and forget about it until the sequel.

I’ve begged for larger portions in the past, sure, but this thing has become a bit “Ole 96er” for me, and I’m not sure it’s worth it for the t-shirts.

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