The Death and Resurrection Episode

We’re in the hands of the Keeper at the following link.

Like a personal AI director, our audience demonstrates its incredible timing and a facility for sussing out our weaknesses.  Unlike other merciless overminds, however, we owe this one our most genuine thanks.  Without its pointed corrections and a deep stream of worthy questions, we’d never crawl out of our angry rut and every show would devolve into a slander against some undeserving thing or another.

In spite of the brain trust’s guidance we still have a tendency to act like ourselves, which means covering some old ground.  So forgive us our trespasses, or however that’s supposed to go, and bear with us through the inevitable dog pile on Matt, or some breathless tirade of mine that I have no right to foist upon you.  The inbox will be along shortly to put things right.

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