The Motor Boatin Episode

Green or blue, it’s always worth the trip at the following link.

You have a show here that’s the product of some truly thinkative listeners and our endless brow-knitting over their questions.  It’s a long drag through the summer months when you’ve saddled yourself with new-game tunnel-vision, and we clearly wouldn’t have covered much ground without your help.  You’re welcome to help keep the inbox full, regardless of how much there might be for us to play at any given time.  What you want to know seems to be at least as interesting as what we’d otherwise have to say.

Quickly, I’d like to point out the very incomplete nature of our Halo coverage this week.  At the time of this recording we had completed only half the campaign in co-op, and had spent little-to-no time in competitive multiplayer.  Our opinions varied to some degree, but no one had anything particularly kind to offer.  I don’t want to suggest that we’ve reversed ourselves completely, but the second half of the campaign was full of what seemed to be missing from the first, and I’ll be damned if we didn’t end up having a right good time.  Of course, jetpacks and shit.  More on those things next week.

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