The Trailer Trash Episode

We’ve got polyester curtains and a redwood deck at the following link.

The thing I tend to enjoy more than digging into a new game  is the exquisite pre-release trailer that makes me ache for that new game.  Any combination of actual gameplay and post-effects bullshit is acceptable, so long as it’s in the spirit of the thing.  I can wave off the purchase at any time or hold out for a trusted review, so I’m hardly committed on the basis of  marketing.  Like most of you, I’ve learned to adjust my expectations to compensate for hype.  This is why I’m able to enjoy the hype when it’s good, but it somehow doesn’t prevent me being a terrible audience member when it isn’t.

Deus Ex – which doesn’t need much beyond a release date to earn my attention – is the sort of thing I’d expect to fall in love with on its way to market.  This material very nearly sells itself, and I worry for anyone who manages to cock it up.  As it is, I’m not sure I’ll bother checking back before it ships.

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