Season 6, Episode 12

We’re announcing our free-to-play model at the following link.

A year or more ago I was perfectly happy to scoff at the future of free.  No doubt a handful of games would butter their bread with paid skin packs or xp boosts, and there’s a chance I’d have admitted the inevitability of a new payment model somewhere down the line, but I had never thought the idea would storm through so many hearts and minds and in such a short stretch of time.  I was so concerned with what I personally thought best or most likely that I couldn’t see the wall, much less the writing on it.  And I’m not convinced this development is absolutely here to stay, any more than the subscription and retail models it’s displacing.  There’s so much in our future we haven’t even considered yet, and it’s not as though what we want or what we know to be best has ever had any real bearing on what we’re given.

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