Season 7, Episode 22

Our heads are up for hunting at the following link.

Whether he’s jumped out of the pan and into the fire or made like a rat from a sinking ship, Don Mattrick’s emergency teleport from Microsoft to Zynga is sure to make him a profit and allow him continued use of his unnaturally thick skin.  This is a perfectly rational decision for a man of business, of course, and there are a great many reasons to absolve Mattrick of the blame that’s been heaped upon him in the weeks since the XBO’s reveal.  But every gust in the recent shitstorm has only served to remind us of the fact that this is all just business, run by men who wield billions and are payed in millions.  Yes, we’re well aware this is how the world is run and there’s (supposedly) nothing wrong with that.  But then why are our inner children so far out of sorts?  This was supposed to be fun and games.

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