Season 7, Episode 28

We’ve been kept in the dark at the following link.

It would be hard for us to hide or deny our love of up-to-the-minute facts about the state of the games business or the progress of our most anticipated titles, but a reveal wouldn’t amount to much without the anticipation.  For that to work, publishers have to cultivate their lies and develop their policies in secret, and we try to remember that some degree of misdirection is fair.  But there’s a point beyond which every word they utter becomes suspect, and no two of us seems to agree on where that line should be placed.  We’ve been told by what passes for games journalism that gamers seem incapable of rising above their own entitlement – to product, price, and content – but it seems that where information is concerned, many of them have forgotten to pick the plank out of their own eye first.


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