Season 8, Episode 1

What would you do with a drunken sailor at the following link?

I suppose it’s fitting to put last things first for this episode, as we offer beginnings and endings all together in a single show.  It’s a new year for everyone, and with that a chance to build new game-of-the-arbitrary-time-period contender lists (and to fight over them as if our lives depended on it), for platform-warriors to further entrench their positions, for outsiders to misunderstand what we love and for insiders to misappropriate it.  It’s a time for each of us to lift several nagging titles out of the backlog, and then to dig that backlog even deeper.  Keeping the past twelve months in mind, I’m not particularly optimistic about the next twelve.  But, in the spirit of renewal, I’ll wish us all — console and PC, indie and triple-A — a very happy and prosperous new year.

In light of his years of service, I’d also like to wish Jeremy a happy new year and rest of his life.  He’s decided the small matter of home life and child-rearing should take precedence over broadcasting and podcasting during one of his only free days, so we bid him farewell and hope that he will at least be kind enough to offer sideline opinions and technical support for the remaining manbabies with no actual babies to call their own.  Thank you very much for everything, sir.

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