Season 8, Episode 8

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Four days of wall-running, jump-jets, ejector seats and the roaring atmospheric entry of the Titanfall beta haven’t done a damn thing to help us decide what we actually think of Respawn’s imminent multiplayer shoot-bang.  A huge number of people seem to have fallen head-over-heels for this thing, but we’re still absolutely certain that we’ve missed some important element that’s only been experienced by other people.  It’s a good game, no doubt, but we’re more than a little sad to be left off the hype train.  Maybe all of this excitement will suddenly make sense if I give EA some money?

That is, of course, if I have any left after giving it all to Blizzard, who seem dedicated to offering new and controversial paid options in World of Warcraft, so long as those options don’t involve giving us new content.  Their newest addition involves paying what many consider irrational sums of money to skip the only content that matters; hand over sixty dollars and go straight to level 90.  It’s hard to say if this is truly the pay-to-win scenario that we’re all afraid of, but it’s clear this is Blizzard’s favorite sort of feature creep, and buying levels may one day seem quaint and simple compared to what they have planned.

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