Season 8, Episode 43

We agree to disagree at the following link.

We obviously don’t agree on the specific qualities of games at all times, but we could honestly stand to disagree a deal more than we do.  One of the effects of spending so much time with friends of the same vintage is that your tastes, which were probably similar to begin with, have aligned even further as time rolls on.  The conflicting opinions keep the conversation interesting, and the friendships keep them civil.  It’s too bad, then, that we find so many reasons to tell one another how right they are.  Of course, if Scott continues to enjoy his time in Destiny as much as he has, there will be no shortage of material to fight about.

One reply on “Season 8, Episode 43”

You guys had some dope call in on this episode who kept repeating the same moronic comment I hear others make about that idiotic Hatred game.

“You just go around killing innocent people.”

Can someone please clarify for me who the innocent people are that you kill? We all understand that there are not actual real people in video games when you play them, right? There are also no dragons or slendermen or flowers that give us fire power. These only exist as artistic depictions within the confines of an interactive animated environment. Saying that you’re “killing innocent people” (or people of any sort” in this stupid Hatred game is like saying that you’re “killing ducks” in Duck Hunt.

If we can’t talk about subjects like adults with adult language, then what is the point? If we’re going to keep promoting the same stupid points that sensationalist press do and with their same stupid language “killing innocent people!”, then we might as well just give up.

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