Your New Webmaster

Hey everyone! I hope you like the new site, and I apologize for any bumps you find in our transition. I’m working to smooth everything out and make the process fairly easy. That being said, I know the old site just didn’t quite get the love and attention it deserved. It was like that really awesome PS2 RPG you keep saying your going to put in one day, but you know, stuff keeps coming out on the 360/PC/PS3. You really want to play that older RPG, but it just never happens.

Well, I’m dusting off the memory cards, so to speak. I’ll try to keep things interesting and functional around here. Don’t look to me for much content, but if you have an actual site suggestion, please, let me know! And if you catch a little site bug or whatnot, then I’d love to get word about it. Sure, I may already know about it; but maybe that one is something I haven’t seen yet, and I’d love the help.

So, this is your new webmaster, signing off. Looking forward to seeing you around In Game Chat in the future!