In-Game Chat Ep20 06-18-07

Thank you for your patience in the waiting for the podcast to become available as well as tolerating the skippiness in the 1st portion of the show due to bad weather at our recording facilities. Thanks so much for listening!

It’s Monday. That means it’s time to talk games for a couple hours. This week we went over the news of the day and the past week. We also kicked off our weekly giveaway. The good folks over at Movie Gallery/Gamezone have provided us with free rental certificates good at ANY of their stores nationwide. So if there’s a Movie Gallery near you, why not try and win? Not only that, we talked with Evil Avatar’s own “Phantomhitman” about his new side job as a professional video game player. All this & more talk of games, gadgets & all things geek, here, on IGC!

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