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EAR Episode 82: “Well Then You Should Go Hire John Williams Goddammit!”

The title of this episode is a line that, originally in the broadcast that aired, was dumped. However, due to having the interview with Jesper Kyd (composer of the Hitman series, Freedom Fighters, Kane & Lynch, and Assassin’s Creed) pre-recorded, the line is now back for the podcast. It may seem strange to hear us react as though we dumped it, but well, now you know. And knowing, as they say, is half the something or another. Along with the interview, we also cover the releases of the week (yeah, there’s a lot), COD4, Kane & Lynch (of which T-Shirts were given away), and you’ll witness first hand fishbang’s ability to read reviews of Assassin’s Creed before they are even published and without having played the game itself.

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