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EAR Episode 85: “The One With Xbox Live’s Major Nelson”

It won’t take you long to realize what you are listening to during the opening of tonight’s show. It’s Jeff Gerstmann’s video review of Kane & Lynch. But it’s really not about the game as it is about the reviewer and the future of his former employer. With that, we jump right into the show and from there we go on to talk about our feelings on the situation and how a place can recover after this sort of thing. Even Larry Hryb, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson, chimes in with his thoughts on the situation. He also answers, as best he can, your questions…even the Tootsie Pop and Klondike ones.

That voice you hear after the show belongs to Hawggy. You’ve most likely seen him in the chat room on show nights or possibly played with him some in CoD4. He’s the reason you hear this show at all after we broadcast live. Thanks Kevin.

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