EAR Episode 89: “It’s Fisher Price: The UI”

We were away for a while, but no more. We’re back on the air talking about what we did over the long holiday and thanks to the lovely voices of BAPenguin, and TrackZero, the last half hour wasn’t a total wash as we talked about Kane & Lynch (better than you might think), CES, Rock Band, and home theaters.

Not only that, but after the show we have a longer discussion than should be had on the topic of hamburgers. Then fishbang (the real one, not that fake guy on PSN) goes on to talk about his thoughts on Mass Effect and his response to TrackZero on how Burning Crusade can be considered as a Game Of The Year contender. It’s also where the title comes from, in case you’re curious.

It’s all in the first episode of the year of Evil Avatar Radio! Enjoy.

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