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EAR Episode 91: “The 30 Second Delay”

We’ve done our best in this episode to elevate things to the level of spectacle, as evidenced by the addition of our high-tech supercam for the broadcasting of in-studio hijinks. We hope you enjoyed it. We worked awfully hard to make ourselves presentable for live video. It’s a shame we failed.

As for the show itself, we apologize for the absence of Philip “NoShow” Kollar, but he must not like us nearly as much as he lets on. Regardless, we welcome anyone who wandered by for Kef, but chose to stay for us.

And do yourself a favor by sticking around for the aftershow. Special guest voice Porkfry stops by to swap howdies and to pin fishbang down on some of his bullshit.

Our apologies for the audio quality during Porkfry’s visit. No need to go into detail about the problem, but we have since figured it out and assure you it won’t happen again.

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