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EAR Episode 94: “No DRM”

That’s a beautiful title, isn’t it? And it comes directly from the lips of Blair & Craig Fraser of Ironclad Games, developers of the PC title “Sins Of A Solar Empire” – which itself is a pretty good title as well. In fact, if you are curious as to how the guys at Ironclad came up with the title then all you need to do is listen to this episode of Evil Avatar Radio.

It was pretty refreshing to speak to these guys. With most developers, their answers to questions are hidden behind, and filtered through, a PR wall, never getting the chance to get their opinion least it be the opinion of the publishing company or parent. It really is something when you hear one of the Fraser brothers say, “We don’t like to treat our customers like criminals.” Spread the word, these guys are awesome.

Not so awesome, however, are our feelings on the city we broadcast the show from, as evidence by this week’s extra content. Forgive us for a moment as we bitch and moan for a bit. It doesn’t last long as we’re brought right back into a discussion we had on last week’s show – PAX and marriage plans.

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