EAR Episode 116 Part 2: Pick Your Own Title

Welcome…to Part 2.

We don’t have a title for this show because, honestly, there was just too many to pick from (“Snake”, “This is a Stealth Mission”, “Why is Starbuck Calling Me?”, “Tom Clancy’s Teletubbies”, “You’re Derailing My Thread” among others). You guys do that part and tell us what to call it if you want. What we do know, however, is that we start off this part of episode 116 with an odd message. Plus, during the show we noticed some of you got the same thing as well. Jeremy tells us of his first experience with his PS3, his not so great experience with MGS3, and his little pet peeve of the difference between a PC & a PC running Windows.

Our discussion of Little Big Planet, or Daniels love of games that let you create your own content, leads us into talk (more James than us) of wanting less of the single player experience, even when dealing with single player games. You’ll understand it better when you hear it. The discussion then turns to innovation vs. profit when we talk about the recent situation with Activision.  Finally, we end the show with more complaints of Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (I know, we just can’t let it go, but you should hear how we end up at this point).

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