EAR Episode E3: The Second Day

We’re tired. We knew that going in and we figured this would be a quick episode. We were wrong and again (as you’ll find out from listening), my estimate was way off. It’s the second day of E3 and Nick and I are back with our thoughts of what took place during the day and we run down some of the other games we took a look at as well. We start off with Nintendo, and I’ll tell you now – we weren’t happy. At all. But as the day went on we completely forgot about Nintendo (as they seem to have done with gamers) and actually managed to save what was left of the day by checking out more games. We got closer looks at Operation Flashpoint 2, Sonic Unleashed, Mad World, Left 4 Dead, Rock Band 2, and a few others as well.

We talk about them all and a whole lot more in this mini-episode of Evil Avatar Radio.

Tomorrow is the final full day for me here at E3 and we’re going to one again try and knock out another show for you at the end of the day tomorrow. We still have lots more to look at and talk about, so check back again tomorrow for Day 3.

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Please check sound quality. can here one person fine but the other sounds like he’s 50 yards away from mic (last couple podcasts).

now with that out of the way…great podcast..just discovered your site after hearing mention of it on 1up

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