The Core Gamer Episode

The new episode for Wednesday, October 8th is available here.

Sometimes you just can’t see it coming.  You’ve got half a dozen game enthusiasts in a room filled with microphones, and their sole intention is to light upon a subject worth talking about in the hopes that it sparks a conversation worth listening to.  You reach for news items, you compare notes on recent games played, and if you’re lucky someone has done their homework and has a stack of timely opinions waiting just at hand.  And sometimes, during an edit break, someone suggests that we all take a moment to watch a 40-second clip of the new Punch Out.

Lively discourse follows, and it’s of the sort that reminds us how much we owe to our own diversity.  If the cast was five Scotts, or three Jeremys and a Dennis, then we’d never be able to deliver anything like what we bring you today.  You can decide for yourself if that’s a good thing, but whatever the case, we invite you to listen and we thank you, as always, for your time.

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