The Cross-Platform Episode

The Monday, October 6th episode is now available here.

This week’s live hour begins with congratulations for the newly-wed co-host Jeremy, and marks the first point at which the married hosts outnumber the free ones.  We hope this won’t be a problem, but married people always seem to know what’s best for the single folk, so there’s no telling what’s in store for the unwed among us.

Sadly, this episode continues the recent (and hopefully short-lived) trend of bagging on Nintendo for the manner in which they’ve raised the new DSi as their “third pillar”.  Opinions on the show have long been split regarding the Wii, but we have a universal love for Nintendo handhelds, and would far prefer to cheer it to success than to use it as grist for the anger mill.   But take a note, Nintendo – region locking and points exclusivity don’t make friends.

The Bioshock demo on the PS3 gets the talk treatment, wherein we’re sad to confirm the reports of graphical footdragging, and we discuss our largely positive reaction to the news of how Deus Ex 3 may differ in some basic design categories from the beloved original. 

We also field calls from awesome fan Ravenlock, whose tastes clearly run akin to those of co-host Daniel, and equally awesome fan Virodeath, who leads us directly into the turbid waters of cross-platform MMO discussion. But fear not, we sail these waters often and come well prepared.

Thanks to all of our live listeners, callers and email contributors, and thanks to you dear podcast subscriber.  Your next episode is on deck for Wednesday, and your chance to guide the live talk comes again next Monday.  We’ll see you then, right here on In-Game Chat.

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Have to say I agree with you guys about the DSi. I love my Lite, and just can’t see a reason to “upgrade” and lose the GBA slot and a lot of battery life to get a camera I don’t care about, music playback I don’t care about and download content of unknown quality.

My fear, of course, is that enough people *will* go for it that DSi-only carts will become the norm, and I won’t have a choice to stick with my Lite even if I want to pass on the downloadable stuff. We shall see. The region-locking is also extremely sad. Some import DS titles have been awesome, and Elite Beat Agents never would have happened without the international import popularity of Ouendan.

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