The Megaton Episode

The Wednesday, October 15th episode is up and ready for download.

There’s a lot to be said for having one’s significant other take a keen interest in your video games.  Dana began with Yahoo and PopCap product, but in recent times has graduated to the sorts of things I leave sitting in my disc tray.  As much as I’ve come to love the change, it can hardly keep from being strange.  We begin this episode by discussing these oddities, among them my joy at learning that the girl was a closet “core-gamer”,  and the difficulty I sometimes have in explaining what I mistake for the obvious.

Additionally, we spend time examining not only the sorts of people we tend to be when a game requires a moral choice, but the sorts of people we expect to be. The future-juncture in question is the settlement of Megaton, a town on the outskirts of DC in Fallout 3, and the site of one major decision in what is sure to be a long chain of the same. How we each choose to deal with what is still a very theoretical scenario says more than we thought about the kinds of people we are. How well we match our own expectations when the time comes may say something else entirely.

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