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The Tommy Tallarico Episode

The live episode for Monday, October the 13th is available here.

Having made the trip to the closest major metropolitan area for a performance of Video Games Live, the show decides to welcome to its live hour game composer and VGL co-creator Tommy Tallarico.  We discuss the history of the show, it’s rampant and continuing growth, the difficulty of choosing among so many beloved and worthy arrangements for fans at each stop on the tour, and the drive to expose to non-gamers the validity of gaming’s musical composition.  With more than 50 performances this year, and half again more in the year to come, Video Games Live might well be within reach for every fan, devotee or casual listener.

Turning to the news, we’re stymied by Blizzard’s decision to release Starcraft 2’s racial campaigns in separate retail increments, desperate to get our hands on the increasingly well-reviewed Dead Space, sullen at the idea of having missed yet another beta, and jealous of Richard Garriott’s final ascension into earth orbit.  We’ve felt eternally on the edge of a cliff heading into the fall of 2008, and the emotional intensity is only going to increase from now until the end of the year.  Fear, awe, rage (in no short supply), relief, and the inevitable sadness from the financial toll will be with us all the way, and we can only hope the trip we’re about to take will meet our ridiculous expectations.

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I saw the show last night. Metal Gear Solid and BioShock sounded amazing. What was great, was that I don’t generally enjoy MGS and played only a little of BioShock, but I still loved those performances better than music from my favorite games (like Zelda).

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