The Book Club Episode

Monday’s episode of In-Game Chat can now be downloaded.

This episode was a bit like a run-on sentence for us.  We began with a small handful of good ideas and ended very far indeed from where we’d set out to be.  Satisfaction is high among the cast with Left 4 Dead, and we’re coasting through the final months of the year with the joy that comes of pawing through a bloated catalog.  But there’s a strong feeling that we’re entering the denouement of this year’s release schedule, or that we’re at the tail end of a passing storm – a strong one.   

We’re picking up the pieces now or pulling together the plot lines or whatever metaphor you prefer.  In any case we’re close to the end of another, unnecessarily crowded holiday schedule, with just enough time left in the holidays proper to gorge ourselves, purge, and gorge again before the new year, the resolutions and the discounts and sales.  The offerings  thus far have been more impressive than depressing, so we can only hope that sentiment will hold true when all is laid down for the final tally next month.

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