The Hard Lock Episode

IGC weekend edition is available here.

We throw around a lot of elbows in this episode, not so much due to any fundamental disagreements, but because its easy to get exceptionally irate about hardware issues when your beloved console starts rebelling against you.  The show suffered some unavoidable Mirror’s Edge lockups on the PS3 this week – a problem that was unresolved, but cleverly circumvented – as well as a constant stream of full stops on the XBox; problems almost certainly related to the new front-end.

While all of our issues have been corroborated by testimonials on the internet, it does our hearts no good to know that even a small percentage of the base shares our pain.  Our heads appreciate the statistic, though, and the thought that it may generate official support for our problems, however insignificant they may seem.  Meanwhile, we console ourselves with the ritual of trouble-shooting and problem solving that years of  PC ownership has made so familiar.  We apologize if our prickly tirade harshes anyone’s nxe-avatar-generated mellow.

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