The Monday After Episode

The Monday, November 17th episode, though late, is here.

Three out of four co-hosts agree that Mirror’s Edge meets, exceeds or misses expectations, depending on the scenario in question.  The fourth spent too much time on pinball this weekend to have an opinion.  Meets/exceeds was the commonest choice, as misses only applied to the occasional squirrelly combat sequence.  So it’s not much of a surprise that we like it, but it’s nonetheless reassuring to know that what was delivered is what was sold. 

How Scott has gone even a week without mention of the upcoming DeLorean “time machine” in Burnout Paradise is unknowable, as it represents an intersection of his most cherished virtual and fictional worlds.  Maybe the joy was simply too great to share.  But regardless of hover-mode and burning tire trails, I think just about anyone can appreciate the after-market support EA continue to lavish upon this game.  Maybe it’s safe to believe this long term care may one day be more rule than exception.

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