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The Big American Episode

A very special Wednesday episode of In-Game Chat can be found here.

This show marks our first opportunity to deliver an interview following the loss of our live format and broadcast studio. Fielding guest callers from the industry and community alike has been a fundamental part of our show’s history, and it’s just about the only thing that’s more difficult with our new format and equipment.  There was a bit of finger-crossing involved in getting things to work, and it was very nearly underscored by an unbroken stream of country music, but regardless of the overall quality, we think you’ll be pleased with the results.  Clues to the caller’s identity are in the show title and bumper music, and we’ll talk about him in other places soon enough, so enjoy the interview.

Once the call is complete, we settle right in to the righteous business of yapping about games.  The now-current X-Box experience is hours old, and we’re busying ourselves mastering new frames, bells and whistles, and whatever flaws and bugs the knowledge-base can put together.  There have been a few problems on our end, but we’re still optimistic about the future here.  We also feel pretty good about Left 4 Dead – no surprise, since it delivers on its promises and then some – as well the new Call of Duty – which really was a bit of a surprise, though apparently not to everyone.  You can find the details, and more, just on the other side of the link.  So enjoy, and thanks again for listening.

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