The Prettiest Episode

The weekend edition of In-Game Chat is available now.

Every so often we find that gaming news and important headlines are so blessedly scarce that we can avoid them almost entirely and can instead spend a whole show focused on subjective concerns.  But this is usually a spring or summer affair, the second half of the year being amply supplied with current and upcoming releases.  We’ve done our part for this meeting, sure.  Scott and I love the added value of the Mirror’s Edge time trial, Daniel is the first among the hosts to take a swing at the Left 4 Dead pre-order demo, and Jeremy suspects he’s finally closing in on his old man in Fallout.

We really like ordered and orderly discussion of well researched topics, but sometimes, in an effort to avoid repetition, we have no choice but to surrender to word association or stream of consciousness to develop a flow.  Today’s flow, for whatever reason, had something to do with Cliffy B and the 360’s prettiest games.  Apropos of almost nothing, I swear.

For this writing I’d like to include one last note on the shameless self-promotion of our final LIVE broadcast on Monday the 10th.  We continue to tap-dance all over this subject not because it marks the end of our singular, original format (IGC was once all-live), but because it marks the beginning of the Colony of Gamers community Child’s Play drive.  We are very fond of this event, and we hope for the sake of charity that you can indulge our goading one last time.  Charity is good for the soul, but in the event you’ve misplaced yours, we aim to make it worth your while.

intro – Ace Combat 5, game over

outro – Ghost Recon, anthem

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