The Time Trial Episode

Your post-election episode of IGC is now available for download.

Our expectations for Mirror’s Edge haven’t waned in the least, but we’d begun to let our excitement slide in favor of games we have in the here-and-now, rather than what we see over the horizon, no matter how near that may be.  But this was before Scott shared with us a slice of his experience with the game’s time trial mode.  We were truly excited for Faith’s adventure to begin with, but to know that it actually delivers on the promise of re-playability and competition renews our enthusiasm altogether.

Our enthusiasm this week for Fallout isn’t so much renewed as it is sustained.  The cast still has a ragbag of ways for relating to the game, each as different as the user, and each one continually reinforced by Fallout’s unique rewards system.  We don’t necessarily refer to tangible rewards, of course.  Not bottlecaps or perks, but scenes and scenery and the refreshingly powerful magic of one person comparing his story to another’s; host to host, listener to podcast.

Intro music is the Warhammer theme, outro is from World of Goo.

Thanks to Ten19 for both.

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