The Foot Chopstick Episode

New episode now.

The miserable truth of Spike’s VGA show isn’t that it fails to live up to expectations, but that it very much does – the expectations being unspeakably low.  Those of us who spent any time in range of their programming this past weekend have made various claims that we had come for the video premiers, or to catalog the inevitable train-wreck or some such fig-leaf.  My own wretched excuse was to confirm media’s unwavering contempt for my beloved hobby.  In that respect I suppose it was entirely what I made of it, since you’ve got to be a fairly contemptuous guy not to have some degree of fun with silver bitches on rope-swings.

Regarding things completely UN-deserving of contempt, we are most happy to announce that the Colony of Gamers Child’s Play charity drive has reached (and exceeded) it’s goal.  The community has once again proven itself most excellent in its generosity, and has unlocked its gold sponsor achievement in the process.  Drawings for prizes of all shapes and sizes will commence soon, and live-air haircuts, as promised, will be yours for the mocking or cheering or what-have-you by next week.  Many thanks from all of us at the show for helping to deliver another incredible success.

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