The Microtransactions Episode

Our weekender is now available for download.

We drew our title from the recent blurb about a theoretically micro-payment supported KOTOR MMO, which, during the last moments of the show led us to discuss our general resistance to this idea in favor of a standard subscription model.  We can see it both ways, but naturally we see our own way much clearer.  Regardless, the real thrust of this show was the discussion of the awards system – awards shows (good, bad, and non-existant), the awards themselves, and what, if anything, they mean to the world.

There’s also a brief and somber reminder of what may develop for us in the show’s mid-term future.  There are no plans or contingencies at the moment other than to keep on keepin’ on, but we thought it prudent to keep folks in the loop.  Additionally, for those who care to listen past the hour mark, there’s some fairly useless bonus material that doesn’t even have the decency to be about video games, though it does offer some  deeper insights into the sorts of people some of us are off-air.  Not that you asked for that or anything, but there it is.

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