The Ketchup Chip Episode

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We’ve had a strong need lately for a unique northern perspective on gaming and worldly things alike and, thankfully, Canadia was kind enough to dispatch one of its chief emissaries in answer to our call.  The one-and-only Skwish joins us in-town and in-studio this weekend.  He was kind enough to bring ketchup chips and to participate in the usual cross-border discussions about the names of food and the color of money that we love so much.  In return we took him to eat at a place where they say yee-haaw! on your birthday.  Sorry bout that.

It seems we also had a strong need to let things run a bit silly toward the end of this hour.  There’s great stuff going on here about games and things – Fallout, ratings systems, Valkyria Chronicles, the usual.   We even find time at the end for the sadly neglected mailbag.  But it was strangely difficult to stay on track with a guest in the studio, though it may also have had something to do with the NyQuil.

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i’ve just gotten to this episode and i cant believe that you guys have never had ketchup chips before. i live in maryland and have been eating them for years now since i was a kid. maybe its just a regional thing or something but i could send you a case of ketchup chips from the place that makes them here if you’d like. loved the episode as usual helps me get through my hellish days at manning a desk and keyboard.

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