The Two Bits Episode

Monday’s episode is now available for download.

Never let it be said that “the Mondays” aren’t a true and real condition suffered often at the end of a strong weekend – never mind how much we resent having it pointed out.  We’ve got a low-strung vibe as we ease into the program tonight, but good conversation always shakes out the cobwebs and lively banter often casts a light into the dimmest corners of our personalities, the only concern is in making it happen.  Of course, sometimes “what did you play?” matters a good bit less than “what do you think?”  We have our complement of both, so I suppose the Mondays weren’t so bad this time after all.

We’re clearly very positive about the new Prince of Persia, but the caveat is that it happens to suit our very particular tastes.  We can imagine any number of justifiably hateful reactions to its (perhaps) offensive difficulty, and to its general disdain for combat in favor of intricate puzzle/platforming.  But we believe it to be in the best spirit of what the Mechner himself intended, and we commend it for delivering a companion character who is, in almost every case, a joy and a benefit, where she could easily have become the achilles’ heel.

We would also like to point out that this is the final week of the Colony of Gamers Child’s Play charity drive.  Charitable giving is at an understandable premium this year, but for those who can and who choose to give through our preferred avenue this season, donations and raffle entries will end on Monday the 15th, so that the donations can be sent off to Child’s Play and drawings can be held for prize winners.

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