The Ways To Be Cool Episode

Step 1: Click on this link.

Cool is something we’d clearly like to have more of, but it never occurred to us that putting together a list would help at all.  Maybe this was the problem all along.  The only way we could think to be cool this week was to deliver unsolicited opinions on your Killzone and your Halo Wars, with a guest host and a little bit of local color applied for effect.

We’d also like to invite you into a conversation that would have best been held in the studio the first time around.  Jeremy has twice reminded us how much we miss the arcade scene of our youth, and how much we regret the loss of the arcades we had assumed to be in our future as adults.  His restoration of a recently-acquired cocktail-table Space Invaders prompted a comparison of our “desert island” category favorites, and we realized this discussion deserved to be held amongst our listeners as well.  We demand that you contribute, and that you illuminate the inevitable flaws in our positions.

Furthermore, Jeremy, with the help of his daughter and the support of Chuck E. Cheese, seems to have struck upon a lovely idea for the salvation of token-subsidized gameplay.  Maybe this sort of thing is too dependent on nostalgia, and maybe paying quarters into a game we already own isn’t such a great idea, but it wouldn’t be the first hare-brained notion that made us happy despite all reason.  But who wouldn’t be happy with a flight stick and a gyroscopic games platform?

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